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Plastic Syrup Cups Manufacturers

Our Plastic Syrup Cups is made of food grade PP material, high temperature resistant, can withstand -20℃ to 120℃, and can be steam sterilized. The specifications are complete, the usage is diverse, and the color and size of the pattern can be customized online. As a professional China Plastic Syrup Cups manufacturer and custom Plastic Syrup Cups factory, with more than 20 years of experience in plastic manufacturing, we provide customers all over the world with high-quality plastic products for wholesale online sale. Our products mainly include polypropylene straws, plastic bottles, plastic boxes and other beverage packaging containers, and also produce PE, PET, PP, PS, PVC, ABS and other materials.
  • 6oz/200ml PP plastic syrup cups with plastic clear lid
    6oz/200ml PP plastic syrup cups with plastic clear lid
    6oz/200ml PP plastic syrup cups with plastic clear lid
    6oz/200ml PP plastic syrup cups with plastic clear lid

    6oz/200ml PP plastic syrup cups with plastic clear lid

    Capacity Upper diameter Lower diameter High
    Drop cup mouth
    Minimum order quantity

Manufacturing Technique

IML Technology

In-mold labeling is a brand new label packaging form different from the traditional direct screen printing, thermal shrinkage label, self-adhesive label, because the in-mold label and Plastic Syrup Cups naturally integrated, so there will be no blister, wrinkle and other phenomena. So the IML printing exquisite, can do laser, aluminum plating and other special treatment, so that the product packaging grade greatly improved. Most of our products use IML technology, customers can customize the design or provide thelabel by themself, we sell quality Plastic Syrup Cups at wholesale price.

  • Firstly, before blow molding or injection molding, put the printed label inside the blow molding cavity.

  • Secondly, When the mold is closed for blowing and injection, the special adhesive on the label in the mold is melted through the action of high temperature and high pressure in the mold.

  • Thridly, the surface of the bottle or injection parts is fused into one body. When the mold is opened, a bottle or injection part that has been beautifully printed is finished in one time.

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Who We Are

We are a manufacturer of plastic products.

Qianhuan professional production of IML plastic cups.

As China Plastic Syrup Cups manufacturers and custom Plastic Syrup Cups factory,our company is specializing in the production and processing of plastic products, in mold food packaging containers, sealing boxes, plastic packaging containers for food and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company produces polypropylene straws, plastic bottles, plastic boxes and other packaging containers for beverages all year round.

Industry Knowledge Extension

More Information About Plastic Syrup Cups
Design of Plastic Syrup Cups
Plastic syrup cups typically have a simple design that is easy to use and serve. Here are some common design features of plastic syrup cups:
Shape: Plastic syrup cups are typically small and cylindrical in shape, with a wide opening at the top and a tapered bottom. This shape is designed to allow for easy pouring of syrup and prevent spills.
Size: Plastic syrup cups are typically small, with a capacity of around 1-2 ounces. This size is ideal for individual servings of syrup and allows for easy portion control.
Material: Plastic syrup cups are typically made from clear or translucent plastic, such as PET or PP, which allows customers to see the contents of the cup clearly.
Lids: Some plastic syrup cups come with lids that can be used to keep the syrup fresh and prevent spills. The lids may be snap-on or screw-on and are typically made from the same material as the cup.
Printing: Plastic syrup cups may be printed with branding or labeling information, such as the name of the syrup or the company logo. This can help to promote brand recognition and enhance the overall customer experience.
Overall, plastic syrup cups are designed to be simple and easy to use, with a focus on functionality and convenience. The design typically includes a small size, a cylindrical shape, clear or translucent material, optional lids, and branding or labeling information.

The luxury of Plastic Syrup Cups
While plastic syrup cups are generally designed to be functional and affordable, they can also be made to have a more luxurious feel. Here are some ways that plastic syrup cups can be designed to convey a sense of luxury:
Material: Instead of using standard plastic materials such as PET or PP, more high-end materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic can be used. These materials have a higher-end look and feel, and can also be more durable and long-lasting.
Design: The shape and design of the cup can be customized to create a more luxurious look. For example, a cup with a wider base and thinner stem can look more elegant, and a more intricate design or pattern can add a touch of sophistication.
Color: While clear or translucent plastic is the most common material used for syrup cups, they can also be made in a range of colors. Metallic finishes or frosted finishes can also give the cups a more high-end look.
Branding: High-end brands may choose to print their logo or branding information using metallic or foil printing, which can add a touch of luxury to the cups.
Packaging: The way the cups are packaged and presented can also contribute to a sense of luxury. For example, they can be presented in a custom box or wrapped in tissue paper to give the impression of a high-end product.
Overall, while plastic syrup cups are generally viewed as a functional and affordable option, they can also be designed to convey a sense of luxury through the choice of materials, design, color, branding, and packaging.

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