Promote Your Business With Branded Plastic Cups

Here are 5 reasons why custom plastic cups are an excellent way to grow your business.

1. Increase brand exposure

On average, it takes consumers about 20 to 30 minutes to drink a hot beverage. During this time, your brand message is highly visible, not only to consumers but also to their colleagues, friends, and even passers-by.

In fact, this means that the branded paper cups have enough time for the message to penetrate the hearts of the people. This effect is even more pronounced when compared to social media ad campaigns, where research shows that each ad is viewed for less than 10 seconds.

2. They’re not just for coffee shops

A common misconception is that branded paper cups are only for businesses that sell hot drinks for takeaway. This is of course the most common export, but there are many other business types that can benefit from branded paper cups, including:

sales showroom

real estate agent


Hairdressers and beauty salons

The truth is, any business can increase brand awareness and increase customer loyalty by serving tea or coffee, and when displayed in a branded mug, your message will reach them instantly!

3. Send an environmental message to your customers

The huge popularity of plastic cups comes with adverse impacts on the environment. However, there are many earth-friendly options to choose from that are fully compostable, biodegradable, and sustainable sources. Our range of cups includes a cup with a water-based coating that breaks down harmlessly within a few weeks without the need for any specialist recycling facilities.

This means that in addition to promoting your brand message, you can let your customers know about your business's commitment to the environment. In today's environmentally conscious age, this is a huge selling point.

4. Customized branded plastic cups for events and exhibitions

Events and exhibitions present enormous opportunities for businesses as they already offer a highly targeted customer base. However, on the downside, competition can also be plentiful!

Offering branded plastic cups in your booth or showcase is a great way to spread your message and generate interest throughout your event. Even if you don't serve hot drinks, filling them with gifts like candy is a great way to attract customers.

5 cost-effective

Branded plastic cups are cheaper than many other forms of advertising. By its very nature, paper cups are made to be as cost-effective as possible to keep costs down.

But another consideration is not having to pay for display space or social media slots. Once the mugs are printed, the advertising costs are done, and as soon as the mugs hit the shelves, they begin to work their magic.

last bite

Branded plastic cups are a great way to advertise to your target audience and beyond. They are a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and build customer trust.

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